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Anju Beaute Cade Premium


Anju Beaute Cade Premium is an insect repellant and anti-dandruff shampoo. It is formulated from extra virgin Juniper oil, with antiseptic and healing properties, and it also removes grease.


Anju Beaute Degrease


Anju Beaute Degrease shampoo is specially formulated to remove grease from the hair and skin without causing irritation. It is suitable for all breeds and coat types.


Anju Beaute Energie Pure


Anju Beaute Energie Pure shampoo is a unique shampoo specially designed for working, hunting or outdoor dogs, where preserving their own scent is vital. It is also ideal for allergy prone dogs and cats, and is designed for easy, frequent use.


Anju Beaute Vital Force


Anju Beaute Vital Force is a gentle shampoo with vegetable keratin added. This helps to restructure and deeply nourish the coat, especially on areas where the fibre has been damaged by heat stress or brushing.


Groomers Goop Shampoo


Groomers Goop shampoo is an ideal everyday shampoo. It is also very effective when used a s a second step after using Groomers goop gel.


Ring 5 Quick Clean


Quick Clean has been carefully formulated as a self-rinsing shampoo to quickly clean and brighten coats of all colours. It works well on both long and short hair, and is exceptional for terrier coats.



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