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Cats Claws Suede Teaser


The Cats Claws Suede Teaser has various coloured strands of leather on the end of the wand.


Groomer’s Goop


Groomer’s Goop is the perfect product for removing grease and oil from the coat of long-haired cats and dogs. It is specially formulated to remove even the most stubborn stains from the coat.


Jerob Black-In Shampoo


Jerob Black-In shampoo has been specially formulated with optical brighteners to enhance black and dark coats. It leaves the coat shiny, with highlights, and is non-irritating.


Jerob Parisian Purple Shampoo


Jerob Parisian Purple shampoo has been specially formulated with optical brighteners to enhance cream and light blue coats. It adds highlights, and is non-irritating.


Jerob Stardust Grooming Powder


Jerob Stardust grooming powder quickly absorbs excess oil. It tones coat flaws and hot spots, and is unscented.


Jerob Texturizer Spray


Jerob Texturizer Spray is a gentle, non-aerosol spray which strengthens and holds the coat in place, and also gives body to the coat. It will not leave the coat sticky.



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