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Luxury Cat Tunnel


The Rosewood luxury cat tunnel is the ultimate in cat sleeping quarters. The tunnel is made from luxury faux fur material, and is designed to fit over radiators up to 8cm (3″) wide, or to be free standing on the floor. The removable cover is…


Pet Remedy Heated Pet Pad


The Pet Remedy heated pet pad is the perfect solution for keeping your pet warm and cosy on cold winter days (and nights). The pad is safe to leave on constantly, and maintains an optimum temperature of 30 – 35 degrees C. The pad comes…


Roll & Clean Tape Brush


The Roll & Clean tape brush is the perfect tool for cleaning pet hairs off clothing, furniture, carpets, bedding, etc. Plenty of sticky strength, and 20 meters in length.


Roll & Clean Tape Brush Refill


The Roll & Clean tape brush refills are replacements for when your tape brush has run out (keep the handle, pop it in the refill, and away you go again).


Cat-It Scratch Pad


The Cat-It Scratch Pad will save you the heartache and anguish caused by your cat systematically destroying your furniture and carpets. The pad is made from corrugated cardboard, and is reversible for maximum use.


Cat Love Car Scratch Pad


The Cat Love Car Scratch Pad is a fun object with a serious intent – to entice your cat away from the furniture. The pad is made from strong corrugated cardboard.



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